Open the La Guitarra Hostel

We use our experience in joint undertakings building the all-Poland network of lodging objects. We are ready to give persons who are enthusiasts of hotel industry the use of our work high norms and the highest standards of provided services.

We build a hostel net

We plan opening hostels in the following cities: Warsaw – Cracow – Gdansk – Gdynia – Wroclaw – Poznan – Rzeszow – Szczecin – Lublin.
We search for ready Hostel or Hotel properties in which one can set up in business in a short period of time.
We are interested in takeover of existing properties or establishment of cooperation.
We search for existing properties to rent or for sale with the aim of tourist accommodation extension.
We search for persons who long to set up their own hotel business and they are ready to invest about 300.000-500.000 PLN.

Join us

Familiarise yourself with interesting proposals of various cooperation forms.

People interested in opening and running the La Guitarra Hostel are asked to familiarise with our requirements concerning a location.

Please enclose a location of property, its address and a description of a cooperation offer.