Special offer – 10 EUROS back!
Plan a trip with cheap accommodation and we will chip in 10 Euros!
Between 30th September, 2016 and 30th December, 2017 you can travel to Gdansk and Poznan for free!
General rules of our Special Offer:La Guitarra will SUBSIDIZE your train ticket if you travel between Gdansk and Poznan (both ways).
Maximum one-time subsidy amount to be paid is 10 Euros pro ticket/person (1 Euro = 4 PLN).
La Guitarra provides a high-class cheap accommodation with much fun, pleasant atmosphere and a chance to meet people from all over the world!


1. From 30th September, 2016 till 30th December, 2017 it is possible to get reimbursement for train tickets in La Guitarra facilities in case a reservation has been made at a reception desk of one of our hostels.
2. Our Special Offer concerns accommodation in shared rooms provided at La Guitarra hostels.
3. Our Special Offer is valid until the first 100 accommodations under 10EuroBack promotion have been sold.
4. The number of accommodation places offered by a given hostel on a given day under our Special Offer may vary and be subject to hostel management’s decision, but it won’t exceed 4 accommodation places pro day/hostel under 10EuroBack promotion.
5. From 30th September, 2016 till 30th December, 2017 one person is eligible to get maximum one ticket reimbursement in Poznan and one in Gdansk.
6. To one reservation made under 10EuroBack promotion falls no more than one ticket reimbursement.
7. Our Special Offer 10EuroBack concerns only customers who make reservation personally at our facility and in coordination with the facility’s reception desk.
8. To take part in our promotion, one has to make a reservation for at least one night and pay for it in full.
9. The accommodation price is charged according to the daily price listed on our website
10. The 10EuroBack promotion cannot be combined with other promotions offered by La Guitarra hostels.
11. Reservation payments made under the 10EuroBack promotion are non-returnable.
12. Our Special Offer 10EuroBack includes breakfast, free coffee and tea and the WIFI Internet access.
13. Maximum reimbursement for a train ticket is no more than 10 Euros (1 Euro = 4 PLN).
14. Maximum reimbursement amount shall not be higher than the accommodation price.
15. The reimbursement for the ticket shall not exceed the actual ticket price on the stipulation of item 13 above.

Basic promotion rules:

If you want to book the accommodation under this promotion for 2 persons, each one of them must individually make a reservation.

You can make a reservation in Poznan and another identical reservation in Gdansk.
You’ve made a reservation under our 10EuroBack promotion. You did it in Poznan. The reservation concerns your stay in Gdansk. You’ve paid 45 PLN at the reception desk in Poznan on account of your stay overnight at our hostel in Gdansk. Next day you arrived in Gdansk. You left your ticket at the reception desk of our hostel in Gdansk. The ticket cost you 36 PLN. You get reimbursement in the amount of 36 PLN. In such a way you travelled to Gdansk for free!

If you make your reservation under this promotion, you use YOUR chance and at the same time you deprive SOMEBODY ELSE of this chance (the number of reimbursements under 10EuroBack promotion is limited). Please think it over before you make a reservation – do you really want to come.

Our Special Offer under the 10EuroBack promotion is a non-returnable offer in case of cancellation or non-arrival. That means the reservation payments won’t be returned in such cases. To know more check our site on please.

Promotion 10EuroBack can not be combined with other promotions.