tłoEnjoy coming back 1 EURO bed PROMO! Till the end of December 2019 you can stay in La Guitarra Hostels just for 1 EURO!
WE START to SELL THIS SPECIAL OFFER again – on 1st of December 2018. La Guitarra comes along with a cheap, high class accommodation services, great fun and the company of travellers from many different countries. All what you need to do is make a booking through our reservation system on our Web page www.lagitara.com (red button „book now“).


1. In the period: 1th of December 2018 – 31st December 2019, 1 EUR special offer is directed to the guests of www.lagitarra.com website.
2. The special offer refers only to the beds in the ‘1 EUR 8 Bed Mixed Dorm’ room’s type.
3. The special offer lasts until running out of 100 vacancies.
4. The number of places offered by the Hostel La Guitarra to be sold can be varied depending on a day.
5. In the period: 1th of December 2018 – 31st December 2019, one person is entitled to use 1 accommodation for one night (as a maximum number of the nights) at a 1 EUR special price in one location (City)
6. In case of cancellation, no-show or making more 1 EUR bookings by one person in one location, the Hostel reserves the right to cancel all the Client’s 1 EUR bookings or to charge the Guest with a basic price offer 50 PLN for Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm.
7. According to Hostel regulations the special 1 EUR offer does not include breakfast, free coffee & tea and also WiFi services, but includes the linen and common facilities usage.

This is 1 bed for 1 night maximum in Basic 8 Bed Mixed Dorm – you can stay for 1 EUR just 1 night (see the promotion regulations), any other/ next day reservations will be cancelled or charged standard rate 50 PLN.

 in one location
– if you would like to book 1 EUR Beds for 2 person you have to make 2 reservations.

in one location
– if you book 2 days of 1 EUR for one person you will be charged 1 EUR for the first night and 50 PLN for the second night.

ONE CHANCE in one location
You can stay for 1 EUR with us only once in one location (City) in the promotion period.
 For example: if you have already booked or stayed with us in Gdansk for 1 EUR at the 1st of March 2019 you will be allowed to book the next 1 EUR bed in Gdansk in the next promotion period (means: after the 31st of December 2019), but until the end of 2019 you will be able to book one in Poznan and one in Gdynia still.

You can book the 1 EUR Bed only with a Credit Card. Hostel can preauthorize the card up to the amount of 50 PLN per person per day.

If you book 1 EUR bed you are getting back your chance but you carry away the chance of another person. So THINK before you book this promo … are you really going to come (?) … Any cancellation will be charged as a NO SHOW with the amount of 50 PLN per person per day.

No-shows charge or any cancellation charge of 1 EUR Bed reservation is 50 PLN per person per day.

You can check availability of the offer in Gdańsk by clicking on the calendar here:

Promotion 1EuroBed can not be combined with other promotions.