Propose an attractive property for sale or renting for the La Guitarra Hostel

At present we are searching for properties for sale, renting or lease in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Trojmiasto and Poznan, Szczecin, Rzeszow, Cracow, Berlin, Prague, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Munich, Hamburg, London, Bratislava, Kiev, Moscow, Lvov, Bucharest, Sophia.

Location requirements:

  • Location in the very city centre
  • Location in the town above 50 thousand inhabitants
  • Setting by a main road, best with the display to main traffic routes (it can be in the second row of housing)
  • Location in the well visible place, which it is easy to arrive to.

Specifications of the property:

  • the minimal area of the building/premises from 500m2 (possible situation in a few neighbouring buildings/premises)
  • possibility of division into rooms
  • possibility of dividing into / building from 20 to 100 rooms
  • area of a room: from 10m2
  • possibility of conversion / changing of function of an existing object
  • possibility of construction from the scratch on the vacant plot or conversion existing substance
  • of the lodging function with records of the Land Use Plan
Please include in the message a description of a property: town, city, street, number of the house, area, area of the plot, area of housing, potential quantity of rooms, target form of agreement (renting/sale) and additional description in words.